Júlia Coma Vilarasau

Polyhedral being • Collaborative professionalAfter dance and fashion studies, a life-changing "Grand Tour–Travels degree"; while being curator-artist-researcher, living in Tokyo, writing in some fashion magazines and exploring being a Creative Director as a possible formal career, in 2019 Perfumery cross my journey.I discovered the perfume that was always there, filling the stories, affecting all my senses, nourishing textures and breaking the limits of forms.This constant challenge for words to describe, the balance between rigorous precise science and poetic creation processes, the ilimitation of offering worlds with and for others. All that, bloomed my passion and curiosity and made me change the direction of my professional career.I am currently living in Paris, traveling responsably, and studyng/exploring the Perfumery language and the connections of Art&Olfaction.

Because creative projects are not one mind-body only decision and because common work is the way I become better as a professional.
> Co'Projected-Co'Projecting
Transdisciplinar researcher
I am always researching without boundaries on knowledge disciplines, bringing and adding ideas in co’creation processes and experimental projects.
> Research bases-Ongoing projects
as a need to say and to understand, as a way to disentangle myself
becoming a Parfumeur/Awaking my nose
Because it is the most complex, beautiful and trans-subjective language that I ever discovered, and because smell is the only sense that connects directly to our subconscious and brings beauty with less rationality
> relational.recipes