Júlia Coma Vilarasau

Júlia Coma Vilarasau is a Creative-Co'Curator // Artist-Researcher who develops her activity across multiple areas of knowledge. She defines herself as a transdisciplinary creative who operates through the knowledge intersections with her curious nature.

She conceives and operates through her body as active materiality, with the awareness of sensorial archivism as a methodology originating from her analytical and hypersensitive condition.

She’s studying and doing research on different related topics on the intersection between a multiplicity of areas with the will to explore more organically the knowledge that can be absorbed by a conscious sensitive body and use it as a potential for creating and activating projects.

*personal archive ––– compostLAB

"I am a enthusiast traveler, always searching for inspiring experiences and challenges. I have a transversal professional experience, that mixes formal jobs, studies, self-research and trips under cultural motivation. I am a passionate and a curious human being with lots to share and lots to engage in collaborative processes. I am always researching, feeling artists and creators works because as a creative mind I trust the relational enrichment that cultural practices bring to my creative work."

"All is collective, all is done in a extended common. We are part of the trouble, we live in permanent movement, and as part of all this beautiful complexity, I find myself living intuitively as a curious mind, exploring and learning in every cycle of light and dark."