Júlia Coma Vilarasau

Polyhedral being • Collaborative professional • Apprenti Parfumeur

After Dance and Fashion design studies, a continuous, ongoing,
life-changing "Travels degree"; while being an Artist-Curator, living in Tokyo, learning from Japanese ancient ritualistic practices, writing about fashion and food in several magazines, and exploring being a Creative Director and Trends Researcher as a possible formal career, in 2019 Perfumery crossed my path and in 2021 it brought me to Paris, where I finally moved in 2022. There began a fluctuant flow of ever changing opportunities that created the space for me to become:
| Transdisciplinar Independent Researcher | Writer | Co'Curator | Apprenti Parfumeur |

How did the sense of smell lead me to this professional definition? Because it awoke and put together my hypersensitive perception with its potential to deeply communicate things; it brought up more nuances and ingredients  – discovered, experienced, and archived during my ongoing traveling research process – which I can offer as part of my contribution to other projects.Exploring the perfumery world made me more aware of the aromas that were always there, filling the movements, the stories, affecting all other senses, nourishing textures and breaking the limits of forms and images. I get inspired by the way emotions and memories are intertwined with smell perception, how challenging finding words to describe a precise aromatic landscape is, and how fascinating it is to imagine the invisible abstract world that Organic Chemistry brings to my daily life.

I am currently based in Paris, exploring deeply the Perfumery language, the connections between Art&Olfaction, AI-Biohacking-Neuroscience&Perfumery and Imagining-Speculating about Sensitive-Symbiotics ways to live.I am constantly shaping a broad, eccentric, growing community of Human-nonHuman bodies and searching for experimental projects where to collaborate as an organized, micro-intuitive and inner-researcher person. Still, I travel from time to time for research purposes, looking for ways to unlearn and relearn about things and ways to be more harmonically in the world.

My activity is divided into three specific and porous working areas:Transdisciplinar Independent Researcher and Co'CuratorA constant research process that crystallizes in personal and communal projects, collaborating with Independent Cultural Institutions, Alternative Education Projects and Companies’ R&D and innovation Departments. I help ambitious, boundless, radically disruptive projects and creators in their ideation and project definition processes by providing different perspectives, derived from my multisensorial way of experiencing the world; when starting projects by co-creating prototypes and initial models; and in the implementation phase by finding specialized suppliers and keeping the relationship with them, translating needs and helping in keeping the project coherent.> Co'Projected-Co'Projecting
> Research bases-Ongoing projects

Writer. Exploring a Symbiotic Erotic Link with Words and WorldAn intimate writing exploration, where I am searching how to transmit the erotic experience beyond human perception or dualistic conception through an embodied research process. Something that started over the years, when I have been reading and writing with others about memories or specific sensorial feelings that then affected us physically. Something that happens unconsciously, crashing emotions and minds while I am exploring how to tell things in a sensitive and precise way.> Writing
> Escrivint-Escribiendo
> writing the space 2020
> tokyo–bcn magazines 2014-16

Apprenti Parfumeur. A long-term language learning processA constant science-culture-traveling journey that keeps me more aware of the surrounding world and that enriches my approach to creative projects and life.> relational.recipes
> Research 2019-2021
> AwakingProcess 2019-2020